Thursday, 07 May 2020 02:56

COVID-19 Pandemic: A Barangay Cugman Story

Written by Phoebe Mae A. Juanico
When the news broke out about the first positive COVID-19 case in Northern Mindanao, people in Cagayan de Oro started to feel afraid, especially knowing that the patient was confined in the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC). About two months passed, the situation now has remarkably changed as the number of cases rise each day. With this, the local government unit was mandated to follow the General Community Quarantine. Workers have been greatly affected; it crippled those workers living from paycheck to paycheck. This problem became a challenge to the local government. There must be a solution to feed the hungry citizens. Thereafter, the city government tasked each barangay to supply basic food supplies to their residents, ensure safety, remind everyone to stay at home, and to always wash their hands as a way to fight this disease.
These actions were visible in Barangay Cugman. Officials took the initiative in handing out 5 kilos of rice, with canned food and instant noodles to the families residing in the barangay. The situation in Cugman Market which previously sparked an online discussion due to a photo that showed buyers not following social distancing, has been fixed accordingly by the authority. Our barangay health center has set up a foot bath and a help desk to those locals who might experience symptoms of the virus.
There is also a patient transport vehicle parked outside the barangay hall to cater patients with health emergencies who needed to go to the hospital. Exit passes were also given to the families. Each pass allows only one member of the family to go out of the house to buy the necessities or important transactions outside. Wearing of face masks is a must whenever a person decides to go out of their house, and curfew hours are strictly observed.
People follow these guidelines every day as COVID-19 continues to stall the world, challenging our medical resources. Right now, scientists are doing their best to create a vaccine and they need our support and cooperation in our own ways.