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Profiles of the 22 new confirmed COVID 19 cases; 13 are new index cases, 4 close contacts, 4 local APORs and 1 death. Cagayan de Oro also logs 22 new recoveries (as of Nov 11, 2020)

1. 1,938 - 54/male local from Macabalan
- common law partner of 1,756

2. 1,939 - 34/male local APOR from Bulua
- AFP deployed at Mambuaya

3. 1,940 - 58/male local from Carmen
- government employee (barangay LGU)
- expired on Nov 9

4. 1,941- 27/male local from Carmen
- friend of 1,910
- outing in MisOr

5. 1,942 - 27/female local from Carmen
- friend of 1,910
- bank employee

6. 1,943 - 23/female local from Pagatpat
- exposed to non-CDO case
Private employee

7. 1,944 - 50/female local from Kauswagan
- private employee

8. 1,945 - 51/male local from Kauswagan
- husband of 1,944

9. 1 946 - 53/male local from Balulang

10. 1,947 - 24/male local from Kauswagan

11. 1,948 - 48/male local from Macabalan
- private employee

12. 1,949 - 58/male local from Bugo
- Oct 28 attende gathering of Club members

13. 1,950 - 30/male local
APOR from Macasandig
- health care worker/doctor in a private hospital

14. 1,951 - 29/male local APOR from Bonbon
- Health care worker at JRBGH

15. 1,952 - 72/female local APOR from Canitoan
- with co-morbidities
- currently admitted at NMMC

16. 1,953 - 71/male local from Nazareth
- admitted at JRBGH

17. 1,954 - 69/male local from Lapasan
- admitted at JRBGH

18. 1,955 - 28/female local APOR from Carmen
- health care worker assigned in laboratory at NMMC

19. 1,956 - 20/male local from Indahag
- admitted at NMMC on Nov 8 due to vehicular accident

20. 1,957 - 79/female local from Puntod
- admitted at JRBGH

21. 1,958 - 58/male local from Lapasan
- admitted in a private hospital

22. 1,959 - 50/female local from Balubal
- admitted in a private hospital

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Thursday, 12 November 2020 11:42


For those who plans to come to Cagayan de Oro...Please read
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GITATAW ni Dr. Ian Christian Gonzales, Infectious Diseases Cluster Head – Department of Health Northern Mindanao ngadto sa mga punong barangay sa Cagayan de Oro nga ang ‘incubation period’ ug ‘infectious period’ sa coronavirus disease ang gibasihan sa pagpatuman sa bag-ong ‘time-based recovery’ protocol atol sa gipahigayong community engagement kagahapon, Nobyembre 10.
Gipasabot ni Dr. Gonzales nga ang 'incubation period' mao ang panahon nga natakdan ang usa ka tawo sa COVID-19 hangtod mogawas ang sintomas sulod sa 2 ngadto 14 ka adlaw.
Samtang ang 'infectious period' mao ang panahon kanus-a ang usa ka COVID-19 infected person makatakod sa ubang tawo diin subay gihapon sa pagtuon ang virus molungtad nga buhi ug 'infectious' sulod sa lawas sa usa ka tawo anaa lang sa 9 ka adlaw.
Giklaro ni Dr. Gonzales nga bisan pa man dili na mag 're-swab' o repeat (RT-PCR) reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction test ang usa ka confirmed COVID-19 positive, mahimo na kining i-certify nga 'recovered' ug 'not infectious' kung pasado kini sa criteria o’ conditions sama sa complete isolation period ug wala nay sintomas.
Nagtuo si Dr. Gonzales nga importante nga masabtan sa mga barangay officials ang bag-ong protocol sa pagdeklara sa usa ka tawong recovered' ug 'discharged' alang sa hapsay ug paspas nga 'reintegration' o pagbalik sa komunidad human ang 10 days isolation period ug wala na'y gipakitang sintomas sulod sa 3 ka adlaw.
Sa laing bahin, nagpasalamat usab si Dr. Lorraine Nery, acting city health officer sa aktibong partisipasyon sa matag barangay sa gihimong community engagement kagahapon kauban ang DOH-10, Cagayan de City Police Office ug CHO.
Gidayeg usab ni Dr. Nery ang walay puas nga suporta sa barangay ilabina sa pakigbatok sa COVID-19 sa syudad ug pag-abag sa (PDITR) strategy kon Prevent-Detect-Isolate-Treat-Reintegrate.
Lakip sa mitambong sa aktibidad si city epidemiologist Dr. Teodulfo Joselito Retuya; Dr. David Mendoza, DOH-10 Assistant Regional Director; Health Education and Promotions Officer Aian Caridad; Dr. Maria Ellen Santua, COCPO – Deputy Director for Operations; LtCol Lemuel Gonda, ug CHO-HEPO Rowena Yu.
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SUBLING gipahinumduman ni city epidemiologist Dr. Teodulfo Joselito Retuya ang katawhan nga dili mag-kompiyansa ug kanunay magmatngon sa pagtuman sa minimum public health standards bisan og anaa sa ilang kaugalingong panimalay.
Sigun pa ni Dr. Retuya sa milabay'ng mga adlaw adunay 34 ka reported cases sa coronavirus disease (COVID19) sa syudad, ug 25 ka tawo o’ household contacts ang adunay 'exposure' sa mga nagpositibo sa virus.
Nagtuo si Dr. Retuya nga sulod sa panimalay sagad kompiyansa na ang matag miyembro ug makalimtan na ang pagsunod sa health protocols, sama sa pagsul-ob og facemask ug physical distancing.
Sa pagkakaron, matod pa ni Dr. Lorraine Nery, acting city health officer, nga adunay lima ka mga city isolation units ang gigahin alang sa pag-isolate sa mga close contacts sa previous cases aron mapugngan o mamenusan ang pagkatag pa sa virus.
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The public should realize that stringent compliance to minimum public health protocols is required for their safety and not because they would be penalized for violating them, Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno said Tuesday (Nov. 10).
‘We should change our mindset by focusing (on our health and safety) and not on regulations. Holding parties is mentioned under ‘mass gatherings’ by the national government in its regulations but how do you define a party? Assuming one says that government should ban parties with more than 10 people, can you say that there won’t be any infection if fewer than 10 people are attending?,’ Mayor Moreno said.
Mayor Moreno said during Tuesday noon’s press briefing that more than anything it is the people and not the government alone that can prevent the spread and protect their loved ones from COVID-19 infection by strictly complying with minimum health protocols. ‘Time will come when there won’t be any need for restricting movement because the people (know what to do and) can handle themselves,’ Mayor Moreno said.
Mayor Moreno said this in response to queries from local media on whether parties will be prohibited in order to contain and stop the spread of COVID-19 infection. Rather than being conscious on the penalties, Mayor Moreno said the people should be concerned about complying with minimum health protocols for their safety and their loved ones’s welfare.
City Health Office (CHO) resident epidemiologist Dr. Teodulfo Joselito Retuya Jr. said the Department of Health (DOH) issued guidelines to the public on celebrating the holidays safely which include minimizing face-to-face contact to less than 15 minutes, physical distancing when eating, avoiding karaoke singing and ordering packaged meals instead of buffets to avoid contact, among others.
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Reception on the time-based and symptoms-based strategy in the discharge of recovered COVID-19 patients had been generally positive among barangay officials, the City Health Office (CHO) said Tuesday (Nov. 10).
‘Based on what I gathered on the meeting with barangay information officers, barangay health workers and officials, the consensus was that so long as there is certification affirming that the patient is recovered, they will still monitor the patient as they complete the 14-day quarantine at home,’ CHO resident epidemiologist Dr. Teodulfo Joselito Retuya said during Tuesday noon’s press briefing.
Dr. Retuya explained again that the DOH time-based and symptoms-based discharge strategy allows patients to be discharged if he or she has no fever nor symptoms on the 10th day of confinement even without a second confirmatory test. ‘The meeting had speakers like Dr. Ian Gonzales (DOH infectious diseases cluster chief) who
explained the DOH strategies and listened to their sentiments,’ he said.
‘I talked with one barangay captain and he said they have no problems so long as the barangays know what to do in handling recovered patients whom they will monitor for compliance in finishing their quarantine and see if they’re not displaying any more symptoms,’ Dr. Retuya said. Acting City Health Officer Dr. Lorraine Nery thanked those for attending the meeting.
‘We will have more briefings with the barangay officials, barangay health workers and information officers on the DOH time-based recoveries. We also updated them on the city’s current COVID-19 situation with data we present in our daily press briefings so they can understand their role in mobilizing their constituents in complying with minimum health protocols,’ Dr. Nery said. #AntiCOVID19 #COVID19WatchCDO #LGUCDOcampaign #Yourgovernmentatwork #Kaabag #Hapsay #CDOCityHallCollaboration #TheBiggerPictureForCDO #NagkahiusaBatokCOVID-19
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There’s no deadline for the public in registering at and downloading the quick response (QR) code from the Higalaay web portal, acting City Health Officer Dr. Lorraine Nery said Monday (Nov. 9).

‘There’s a directive issued to all City Hall employees, department heads and officials last week requiring them to register and download the QR code at the Higalaay web portal before Nov. 9. But for the general public, the registration is ongoing, and there’s a booth at the mini-park where City Hall personnel can help people register at the portal,’ Dr. Nery said during Monday noon’s press briefing.

The City Administrator’s Office issued a memorandum last week mandating all employees and officials to register at the Higala website for contact tracing purposes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Nery said the QR code can be used by residents and visitors for their convenience rather than filling up health forms at establishments.

‘The QR code is also applicable for our APORs (authorized persons outside residence) including our arrivals who will be required to register for contact tracing purposes...we encourage everyone to register. If you notice when going to malls or any offices, stores or pharmacies in Cagayan de Oro everyone is required to fill up health forms. So the QR code is more convenient and saves people time and effort,’ Dr. Nery said. #AntiCOVID19 #COVID19WatchCDO #LGUCDOcampaign #Yourgovernmentatwork #Kaabag #Hapsay #CDOCityHallCollaboration #TheBiggerPictureForCDO #NagkahiusaBatokCOVID-19

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City government disinfection team continues to conduct disinfection at various offices, government agencies and schools in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The disinfection efforts are part of the Moreno administration's goals in keeping the Kagay-anons safe and healthy amidst the pandemic.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2020 15:55


Personnel of the city's Regulatory Compliance Board (RCB), and Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (Cocpo) continue its nightly monitoring of establishments especially restaurants and restobars to remind management and its customers of the minimum public health protocols especially on social distancing.


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